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Graduate students

What kind of student I am looking for

Rutgers admission is highly competitive, accepting only the most accomplished students with funding. To join my research group, you should be self-motivated, possess a strong work ethic, and have a keen interest in investigating climate change in the Arctic and Greenland. A solid foundation in physical geography or related fields, such as atmospheric science, environmental science, or geology, is essential. Additionally, you should have proficiency in a programming language such as Python or MATLAB, familiarity with Geographic Information Systems, and excellent English language skills. Prior research experience, such as presenting work at scientific meetings, manuscript writing, or an honors thesis, would be advantageous. However, I am also open to applicants who demonstrate passion, curiosity, resilience, perseverance, and the potential to work four or more years to earn a doctoral degree. If this describes you, I am excited to review your curriculum vitae and writing samples. Although all graduate students in my group have had opportunities for fieldwork in Greenland, admission to the field team is not guaranteed and is dependent on several factors.

What will you get out of working with me?

As a member of my research group, you will receive comprehensive training and mentorship to become an independent research scientist and scholar. My team is small, which allows for individual attention and close collaboration. Students in my group have the opportunity to take courses in various Rutgers departments and work towards a certificate in Geospatial Science. Moreover, Rutgers provides a diverse community of students interested in climate change through the Rutgers Climate Institute. I encourage and support my team members to present their work at leading conferences, publish scientific manuscripts, and expand their professional network.

How to apply

Graduate students work towards a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree and are typically advised by me in the Department of Geography’s graduate programThe application deadline is typically January 15 each year. Information on how to apply is here. Financial support is typically not offered for M.Sc students.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduates who have completed my upper-level courses (Field Methods or Spatial Data Analysis) are eligible to apply for an honors thesis position with me. Additionally, I occasionally collaborate with students through the Aresty Undergraduate Research Program.

Please email Dr. Rennermalm (link sends e-mail) to inquire about these opportunities.

Postdoctoral researchers

Please email Dr. Rennermalm to inquire about opportunities to join the group.