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Paper published

Mattingly, K. S., Turton, J. V., Wille, J. D., Noël, B., Fettweis, X., Rennermalm, Å. K., and Mote, T. L.: Increasing extreme melt in northeast Greenland linked to foehn winds … Read More

Paper published

Leidman, S. Z., Rennermalm, Å. K., Muthyala, R., Skiles, S. M., and Getraer, A.: Intra-seasonal variability in supraglacial stream sediment on the Greenland Ice Sheet, Front. Earth Sci., 11, 969629, … Read More

Preprint published

Cintron-Rodriguez, I. M., Rennermalm, Å. K., Kaspari, S., and Leidman, S.: Light absorbing particles and snow aging feedback enhances albedo reduction on the Southwest Greenland ice sheet, The Cryosphere Discuss. … Read More

Paper published!

Xiao, J., Rennermalm, Å. K., Covi, F., Hock, R., Leidman, S. Z., *Miège, C., MacFerrin, M. J., and Samimi, S.: Local-scale spatial variability in firn properties in Southwest Greenland, Front. … Read More