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Sasha’s paper about terrain correction

Find it here: Leidman, Sasha. Z., Rennermalm, Å. K., Lathrop, R. G., & Cooper, Matthew. G. (2021). Terrain-Based Shadow Correction Method for Assessing Supraglacial Features on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Frontiers in Remote Sensing, 2, 690474.

Journal of Glaciology paper published!

The paper is the most read in the Journal of Glaciology as I write this (Nov. 1st, 2021)! Rennermalm, Å. K., Hock, R., Covi, F., Xiao, J., Corti, G., Kingslake, J., et al. (2021). Shallow firn cores 1989–2019 in southwest Greenland’s percolation zone reveal decreasing density and ice layer thickness after 2012. Journal of Glaciology, … Read More

New article about safe fieldwork

We published a paper presenting a method to evaluate fieldwork conditions in places with extreme weather, such as the Greenland Ice Sheet. Here is the citation: Leidman, S. Z., Rennermalm, Å. K., Broccoli, A. J., van As, D., van den Broeke, M. R., Steffen, K., & Hubbard, A. (2020). Methods for Predicting the Likelihood of … Read More

Iva’s film about our 2018 expedition is out!

Iva Radivojevic’s film about our 2018 expedition to the Greenland ice sheet is out! See links to where you can see the film below. Field of Vision:  Vimeo: Youtube: Facebook: Filmmaker Magazine:

Sasha’s paper published in GRL!

Sasha led this study about sediment in supraglacial streams. Find a Rutgers news release here: The article is here:

New datasets on Arctic Data Center

Find our dataset with bias-corrected precipitation from selected stations in SE Greenland, regional climate model simulation outputs for Greenland, and a teaching module about the Greenland ice sheet and climate change at the Arctic Data Center: Precipitation: Greenland regional climate model simulations: Teaching module: