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Our presentations at AAG 2015

Several group members presented at the Association of American Geographers’ Annual meeting in Chicago. See our presentations. A list of our presentations and the sessions we are part of follows: R.S. Tarr Student Illustrated Paper Competition: Wednesday, 4/22/2015, from 10:00 AM – 11:40 AM in Wrigley, Hyatt, West Tower, Bronze Level 10:20 AM   Author(s): *Yunpeng Lyu – … Read More

Our work at AAG

Catch our presentations in Tampa: Derek Baquero will present at the R.S. Tarr Student Illustrated Paper Competition Wednesday, 4/9/2014, from 10:00 AM – 11:40 AM in Room 24, TCC, First Floor See more here: Asa Rennermalm will present at the Ice and Snow(link is external) paper session, scheduled on Wednesday, 4/9/2014, at 12:40 PM. See more … Read More

Our work at the AAG meeting in Tampa

Our group members are doing several presentations at the AAG meeting in Tampa, April 9-13. Åsa presents a talk: Greenland Rivers and ice sheet meltwater export to surrounding oceans. Derek Baquero is presenting a poster in the R.S. Tarr Student Illustrated Paper Competition: Precipitation Analysis in Relation to Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheet and a Changing Global Climate … Read More

Our work at the NASA PARCA meeting

Samiah Moustafa and Asa Rennermalm participated in the PARCA meeting at NASA Goddard on January 28th Asa gave an oral presentation: Spatial Distribution of Ice Sheet Meltwater Export and Retention in Southwest Greenland from In Situ Observations Samiah gave a poster presentation: Subpixel variability of MODIS albedo retrievals and its importance for ice sheet surface melting … Read More

Massive interest in our AGU 2013 session

Åsa Rennermalm organized and convened the session Glacier, Ice cap, and Ice sheet Hydrology together with Irina Overeen, Marco Tedecso, Ian Willis, Allison Banwell, and Amber Leeson. The session had one poster section and two oral sections. The session had 16 oral presentations and 35 poster presentations. We estimate that about 300 people attended the … Read More

Our presentations at American Geophysical Union’s Fall meeting 2014

Our group are part of the following presentations: Wednesday afternoon: C33B-0707. Greenland Ice Sheet supraglacial stream morphology and dynamics Vena Chu; Laurence C. Smith; Kang Yang; Carl J. Legleiter; Asa K. Rennermalm; Richard R. Forster; Colin J. Gleason; Lincoln H. Pitcher; Samiah Moustafa C33B-0715. In Situ Data Suggest Supra-, En- and/or Subglacial Meltwater Retention in Southwest Greenland … Read More