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Our presentations at AGU’s 2017 fall meeting

We are presenting the following at AGU’s 2017 fall meeting

C13F-1014 The Effect of Topographic Shadowing by Ice on Irradiance in the Greenland Ice Sheet Ablation Zone
Sasha Z Leidman

C22A-06 Spatiotemporal Variability of Meltwater Refreezing in Southwest Greenland Ice Sheet Firn
Asa K Rennermalm

C11A-0895 Monitoring Supraglacial Streams over Three Months in Southwest Greenland
Rohi Muthyala

Additionally, Asa, Missy Holzer, and Peter Sinclair are holding a workshop for Earth Science educators as part of the AGU Geoscience Information For Teachers (GIFT(link is external)).

Rohi is competing in the student innovation award.