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Presenting our work at AGU’s Fall meeting 2015

We did several presentations at AGU.

John Mioduszewski: C53A-0756 Atmospheric Drivers of Greenland Surface Melt Revealed by Self Organizing Maps

Arno Hammann: A52A-04 Climate Data Homogenization Using Edge Detection Algorithms

Samiah Moustafa: (link is external)C51B-0707(link is external) Longitudinal Inter-Comparison of Modeled and Measured West Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwater Runoff Losses (2004-2014)

Mira Berdahl: C53A-0763 Linkages between Icelandic Low position and SE Greenland winter precipitation

Asa Rennermalm: C41E-06 What terrestrial glacial meltwater streams reveal about Greenland ice sheet hydrology